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2010 Haiti earthquake --- Disaster recovery Program ---

I think that a lot of damage occurred due to this earthquake. I would like to express my hearty sympathy.
Our company has been specializing in the restoration of the microfilm and cinefilm . We cooperate in the restoration of the microfilm and the cinefilm.
If there have any damage microfilm and damage cinefilm, please don't hesitate to let me know!

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We began the microfilm restoration in Japan at the end of last year. also this technology was the first development by applying for the patent in the world. A lot of deteriorated microfilms exist still in all over the world. As a lot of that literary properties, it is the important one to be succeeded to the next generation and the future. so we started up this homepage.
I hope that you can judge details of the technology by seeing the photograph because cannot be made public by the thing of patent pending. And also,we wrote it in English as much as possible with my poor English language skill.
It sincerely wishes the thing that you understand this homepage and our zeal.


President: Hiroyuki Yoshioka